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10 Easy Ways to drive More Traffic to your Website

Getting visitors to your website is the diference between  success and failure when it comes to your online business. The more visitors you get the more money you can make.

Here are 10 easy ways to help you grow your website traffic.

  1. Tell people - Tell your potential customers, family & friends about your site.
  2. Optimize for Search Engines - make sure people can find you on Google and Regularly Submit Your Website to the major search engines.
  3. Update Your Website - adding new content keeps your site fresh which gives visitors a reason to come back and also helps search engines value your website more.
  4. Social Media - post your site to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn whenever you update your content.
  5.  Create a Blog - starting a blog is an easy way to regularly add new content to your site and attract and build repeat visits.
  6. Facebook Like Button - add a like button so your visitors can easily share your website with their friends.
  7. Promote Your Site - add a link to your email signature, include a link to your site in all your emails and also when you post to forums or comment on articles.
  8. Start an Email Newsletter - use it as a tool to bring visitors back to your website.
  9. Get Reciprocal Links - swap links with other websites with similar products/topics to drive free targeted traffic.
  10.   PPC- drive targeted traffic to your website using pay per click advertising.

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