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5 Quick Steps to Start your Successful eBay clone

Starting your own eBay clone is relatively easy (we have all of the tools and can help you get going).

But making your own eBay clone that is wildly successful, is not so easy.

We've assembled the 5 steps you MUST do to ensure you build something that sticks. Without these things, you'll have an auction website. But if you follow these things, you'll have a scalable business that can support you and your family for years.

If you've ever dreamed of creating your own 4-Hour Workweek business, this is what you'll need to do.

1. Launch it

This seems obvious, but suprisingly it is a stumbling block for many people.

You can lose weeks by tweaking colors, making a logo, etc. Those things matter, but they won't break you in the beginning. 

It's more important to get something out there, start building traffic, and then refine those things when you have time. Don't believe me? Make your site live right now, and then read below to find out why.


2. Reach out to Friends & Family

Once your site is live, your goal is to get as much content on your site as possible. The more content you have, the better you'll appear to the search engines (Google, your SEO rank). You want as much "organic" traffic from the search engines as you can, because that means more buyers. And the best way to accomplish this is to create an army of people making your content for you. 

People who know you will trust you and be willing to go out of their way to help you. They will list items on your site even if your branding isn't perfect (see, that's why you can postpone #1).

They will also be understanding if their items don't sell immediately. Remember: these are your friends and are willing to go out of their way to help you.

Get as many listings as you possibly can


3. Look for Ugly Listings

Just because your friends are willing to make a listing on your site, doesn't mean they make good ones. Help them out by writing better descriptions, better images, stronger keywords, etc.

These things will also help your visibility in search engines, which should bring you more traffic.

Also, if you can make your friends look better, they will be more-likely to get a sale. Once you start getting sales, it'll encourage more listings.


4. Create a Newsletter

Now that you're getting more listings, you'll want to let people know when new things are added. Try to send out a newsletter at least twice a week letting people know of the new itneresting things on your site. It'll remind them that you exist and hopefully encourage them to buy more.


5. Promote your listings

Create a social presence on Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else that it's appropriate. Then, make posts about the listings on your site. If you can bring in a visitor who will purchase the item you posted, that's great for your customers. But those visitors might also click around the site and find other things to buy. You can help your customers and get more traffic. Everyone wins!

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