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Youtube Clone 2010

Youtube Clone 2010

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Creating your own Video sharing site just got easier with the YouTuber Clone script. The script includes all the key functions that allow visitors to display their videos to the world. They can post clips and videos, write comments, share, bookmark and view videos. Videos are converted to the popular .flv type for efficient streaming.

The administration panel provides full management abilities for approval, modification and deletion of uploaded videos. Ads for revenue generation can be fully managed from the admin panel. The site will be easy to use and familiar to visitors who have spent time on sites like YouTube or DailyMotion.


Profiles for Members
  • Members can create a page just for themselves to tell the world who they are and why they post the videos that they do
  • Profile pages are fully customizable so that each member can be unique
  • Members can post a picture of themselves
  • Members can create "favorite" lists of videos and manage the lists
  • Members may upload videos of many different file types and formats
  • Progress indicator on uploads
  • Information about the video like tags, title and description can be edited at posting or afterwards
  • Videos may be embedded on other sites. This function can be prohibited by the poster of the video
  • Comments may be posted or restricted.
  • Videos can be shown only on the site or may be allowed to be shared at the option of the poster
Pictures and Audio
  • In addition to video, pictures and audio may also be uploaded
  • This feature may be restricted by the administrator
  • Pictures can be arranged in an album
  • Information may be added to pictures or audio files to assist in searches
  • Can be added to pictures, member profiles, videos and blogs
  • Groups can be created to customize the viewership of certain videos
  • Groups can be open/public or private
  • Groups are managed by the group administrator
  • Communication within groups is via group comments
  • Members may create friend lists and share content with friends
  • An email messaging system provides for communication among friends
  • Friend lists can be managed with invitations and deletions
Administration Control Panel
  • Videos - Approval, deletion, mark as featured, viewing
  • Site statistics - By member, group, media type, comments
  • Groups - List and delete
  • Members - List, suspend, delete members
  • System - Choose language settings - System options - Database options - Theme customization
  • Maintenance - Comment and video deletion - Server file management Ads - Manage ads by centralized posting, deletion and update

Server Requirements

Please note, this script will require a good amount of server setup on your end. Numerous packages are required to process videos. Processing and serving videos uses a lot of resources, so please plan on having dedicated hardware that's very powerful.
When you purchase this script, you will receive a download link with a zip file with the complete source code. It is written in PHP and is unencrypted so you will be able to modify it to suit your needs. The code you download will be the exact same code that I use to run the demos.

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