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EBay Auction Clone Advanced FAQ

How do I add new languages?

  1. There a "language" folder inside the root directory. Inside that there is an english folder.
  2. Make a copy of the english folder and call it arabic (or whatever your new chosen language is)
  3. The major files you'll want to edit are:
    1. global.lang.php
    2. site.lang.php
  4. You can make changes to the other files as needed, but I think the 2 above should cover most of everything your users will see. The admin will remain in english; if you want to change that, you can set it in admin.lang.php
  5. Now choose your new language in the admin so you can see your changes:ebay clone choosing default language in admin
Please Note: if your site is running multiple languages, if you've visited the site in English, the site will keep showing you the language files in the english folder. So if you make a new Arabic folder, you'll still see english until you clear your browser cache. Then you will start seeing the new default language.

    Recently Listed Auctions on the homepage doesn't have auctions, but there are some under the [View All] page.

    making sure auctions show up on the homepage (be sure to include an image)To show up on the homepage under Recently Listed or Ending Soon, the auction must have an image. If it doesn't have a picture, then it's not worthy enough to be on your homepage.

    How do I create an auction that has an inventory of more than 1 item (instead of having to enter the same thing 20-30 times?

    Setting up a Dutch auction so you can have more than oneOn Step 4 of creating a new auction, select the auction type of Dutch. Then you will be able to enter a quantity available.