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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the scripts open source?

A: Our scripts are 99% open source, you receive the full source code, however in order for us to deliver scripts at our very low prices you can only use the script on one domain. To use the script on more than one domain you need to purchase multiple copies or get the developers license.

Q: Can I insert my own logo?

A: Yes we highly recommend you ad your own logo/image. in most cases this can be done very easily from within the admin panel. You should only use images or names that you own or have permission to use.

Q: Do you provide support?

A: We provide full free unlimited customer support via email and messaging.

Q: Do you provide software updates?

A: Some times we update or provide a software patch. We provide software updates to existing customers as and when they become available free of charge.

Q: Do you provide customization of scripts.

A: Many of our scripts can be customized some from within the admin panel. We can customize scripts further for a nominal charge.

Q: Do you provide Script Installation?

A: We offer a script installation service to your third party server for $60. ( please note we cannot provide support for hosting related issues for third party hosting and customers are responsible for ensuring their third party hosting is compatible. )

Several of our products also have a "Managed" version where we handle the initial setup and all maintenance of the the code, servers, and backups.