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Getting Started

Using our ready made scripts takes a lot of the hassle out of building a professional quality website.

Eager to get started with your own online business?.... or looking for a new avenue to generate income online?

When you invest in your business by purchasing any of our scripts you will have a high quality feature rich website which resembles a website that would cost thousand or even tens of thousands of dollors to have created from scratch and you will be already ahead of the game....

All our scripts come with single use licesnse meaning you can use the script on one domain, and we can provide support for the installation on one website domain. If you wish to install the script on multiple website domains either for your self or other customers then you will need to purchase our Developers License.

To get your business online, you will  need two things... a domain registrar and a web host.

First you need A DOMAIN NAME from a domain registrar - this is the URL your visitors will type in to get to your website, for example:, it is your unique online address.

You can search and check and then purchase your domain name from many companies. There are many of these domain registrars to be found.

Some of the domain registars will even offer free domains when you buy a hosting package. Some of them are good legitimate companies but be sure the domain is registered in your name, it will become your personal property. If it is not registered in your name you do not own and and will run into problems if you ever want to change hosting companies. In any case it os pointless paying over the odds for hosting just because it offers a free domain when you can get a domain registered for around $10 anyway.

So you want to go with a trusted domain registrant...

We recommend Godaddy for this because they make searching, buying and especially managing your domains very easy, they have been trusted for many years and now have become the most trusted and largest domain registrant company online.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

We recommend you also choose private registration: Although it costs more, it is well worth it.. it protects your private information from prying eyes and stops you getting a ton of spam.

If you are serious about your business you should consider registering your domain for 3 or 5 years instead of just one. Search engines will see the length of registration and you will be seen in a far better light that the spammy websites who register for 1 yeardo some dodgy business then disapear. By getting a long term registration you are investing in yur future and the search engines will view yiou as a more solid company ang give you higher rankings.

There are plenty of other options you might have when registering but all you really want is private registration and longer registration.

Web Hosting

After you have your software and have a domain name you need a server that you can upload all of your website files to and get your website live on the internet.

Our own web hosting perfectly optimized for our scripts ensure the best performance. Plus we offer Free Installation of our scripts when you take out our super hosting plan or deluxe hosting plan.

plans starting from just £3.49/month.

Click Here To Compare Hosting Packages.

We highly recommend you use our servers for your hosting because we provide all the adons, features and correct requirements for our scripts to function correctly. Also we cannot offer support for problems that arise due to hosting incompatability on third party servers.. Even some other hosting companies that meet our minimum server requirements, may still give you problems due to restrictions or disabled adons over which we have no control so if you are purchasing hosting then our own server plans are the best choice for our scripts.

If you do not want use our web hosting services then the only other web host we recommend is Hostgator.

All the Hostgator Plans meet the requirements needed for our scripts to run smoothly, however a diedicated server is recommended for best performance of complex scripts and especial if you plan to send a huge ammount of visitors and really scale up your business.

DISCOUNT COUPON : visitors can also claim  25% off Hostgator hosting using the coupon code below when purchasing hosting. coupon code: websiteclonescripts

Please see our Terms page for minimum server requirements. If you already have another hoisting provider the server must match these requirements and for some scripts they must be runnimng the PHP version specified on the script page.

Disclosure: We are a professional script site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we recommend. We have tested many hosting companies and domain registrars thoroughly and only recommend the very best, and those which meet the requirements of our scripts for our customers. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. For best script performance we recommend our own linux server hosting here.



Installling your script is no different to any other website script.

You will need to unzip the script file you downloaded. With most of our scripts we have a read_me text file or an PDF Guide.

To install the script yourself you will as with any other website script need to be able to create a new database and db user in your c-panel.

You will need to be able to edit the config files we define to match your database configuration.

Some scripts come with an SQL file that you must import using myphp admin in your C-Panel.

Then you need to be able to upload all of the files via FTP.

For most people with some knowledge of c-panel and database creation the script installation will not be a problem.

* If you are not familiar with editing config.php files ( usually just 1 or 2 files which can be dited in notepad ), using a your host c-panel to create a database and db user and import an SQL file, and uploading files via FTP or using file manager lthen you may need our script installation service.

We will install your script, including creating the nessecary database and db users with permissions and upload all of your files and even make the basic settings for you so your site is ready to go. Script Installation can be added to your order here.

OR when you take out our Super or Deluxe Hosting Plan we will install your script FREE OF CHARGE.


If you're hungry for more information, check out our FAQ.