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How To Install

Each of our scripts will come with its own read_me file or installation instructions. As with all scripts you will need to unzip the file and upload the contents via FTP to your server folder that you want the script to run in. If the script will form the main part of your website then you would upload it to the 'Public_html' folder for your website domain.

Once you have uploaded the script to the server you will need to create a database and and a user with all privileges for that database. Some scripts will require you to manually import the tables into the database from an SQL file while other have an installer which will do this for you.

Then you will need to go into your file manager and edit the configuration file to match your newly created database. You will need to edit the database name and user as well as the database password and database location.

Some scripts will require a cron job to be created on your server.

* If you are not familiar with editing config.php files ( usually just 1 or 2 files which can be edited in notepad ), using a your host c-panel to create a database and db user and import an SQL file, and uploading files via FTP or using file manager, then you may need our script installation service.

We will install your script, including creating the necessary database and db users with permissions and upload all of your files and even make the basic settings for you so your site is ready to go. Script Installation can be added to your order here.