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In most cases we offer a fully functional demo and/or product screenshots, Please note we do not offer refunds once the item has been downloaded, please see our returns policy.

    * Covered by Support:

      support will cover common software related issues such   as:

          o Recent update-to-date product version
          o Feature questions
          o Basic setup questions
          o Software errors

    * Not Covered by Support::

      Our support coverage does not cover:

          o Older product versions
          o Assistance or Creation of any sort of modification done to the package which includes editing the PHP core source code, CSS, Images and HTML layout.
          o Server related issues including improper hosting configuration
          o Browser or computer issues
          o Non software related issues
          o 3rd party products or plug-ins

    * Reasons for not providing support

          o Support requested is for an unsupported area or non-script related area.
          o Abuse of support representatives. We do not allow any abuse from clients to our support representatives in any way. If a situation occurs you will be given a reminder and then if the issue continues ticket options will be removed from your account.
          o Invalid license or account.
          o If you launch a Paypal dispute or chargeback your support will automatically be terminated.

    * Procedure of Support

      Listed below are methods taken by our Support Staff when an issue may arise and you need technical help to solve it.

          o Check if server meets all the requirements found on requirements page.
          o Do a check if any of the default files have been modified. If any of the files have been modified client must backup their site and upload the default script files.
          o Do a check to make sure all the files/folders are in place and all permissions are set correctly to each of the folders.
          o Compare issues(s) with our live demo found on demo page.
          o Turn on PHP "error reporting".

      If the above steps do not help solve the case for the client the case is then sent to the developers to look over and fix.

    * Install / Upgrade Service Policy

          o "Full License" owners get 6 months of support.
          o "Discounted License" owners get support under the span of their validity.
          o Client must have a valid license.
          o Client must run the latest up to date version.

    * Support Period

      We offer a service to install or upgrade your software package. This service includes only the install of our product and no other 3rd party softwares or plug-ins. This also does not include installing any of the software requirements on the server. It is the client's responsibility to have the proper server requirements and if they do not our support staff will contact them with what they are missing.  We recommend you use our hosting as it is 100% compatible with our software.

      If an upgrade service is purchased our staff will only upgrade a client's site if it is fully functional and is using an older version of our scripts. Our technicians cannot upgrade a client's site if for example an attempt was already made by the client's side and it failed. Starting from an unknown point of the upgrade routine is unreliable and will only cause more instability in the future. For a proper professional upgrade we must work from A-Z to complete it. If such acase does come up the client will be asked to restore their site to its previous functional state and we can then perform the professional service.

**Our script prices are for single use. ie the script can be downloaded and used on one domain only.

If you require the script on more than one domain you must either re-order the product for each domain by loging into your account and clicking re-order or alternatively purchase a developer or multi use license.

A developers license is valid for one script. To enable multiple scripts on multiple websites would mean you need to buy a developers license for each script. With a developers License you can install the script on multiple domains for both you and your customers. You do not have the right to resell the script and any violation of out 'terms' may result in legal action.**

    * By purchasing our software you accept these above terms.

All Script Minimum Requirements:

    * 10MB Web-Space
    * Apache Web Server with cpanel
    * PHP 5.x +
    * 1 MySQL Database - MySQL 5.0 +
    * GD2+
    * Video script and Facebook require FFMPEG

* some scripts are not compatable with PHP version 5.3 and above ( please see the script description on the product page for individual requirements )

We are not responsible for any incompatible hosting and do not provide support for hosting and server configurations.