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Craigslist Clone

Craigslist Clone

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The Craigslist clone is a ready-made website for hosting classified ads that will allow you to get your own classifieds business up and running in no time. With this script you can duplicate the functions of Craiglist itself. Installation is speedy and site comes with an easy to use administration area for customization of your online business.

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Customers were attracted to Craigslist because it is easy to understand and use. This script is no different and the user interface is built in a way that new and existing customers can add and update their ads effortlessly. The script is intended to be easy for the site owner, those searching for classified ads and those placing the ads, to create a community of users that will keep coming back and provide a steady stream of revenue for the site owner.

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Once installed, this script can make money on autopilot as your customers find the site an easy place to buy and advertise their items and services with minimal hassle.

We believe in your success and we will be there to support you in the startup of your new classifieds business.

(The demo site has just been uploaded and has very little content yet.... rest assured your site will look great.. feel free to ad your own test ad or image )


Design, Categories, Languages - all customizable

This script works fine right out of the box but if you want to adjust to the layouts and asthetics of the site to your tastes the template files allow you to do just that. The site can be operated as a generic classified sites with categories for every conceivable product, service or event, or it can be honed to focus on a niche of your choice. If car parts, homes, crafts, personals or antiques are your game, you can orient the site toward those areas very simply using the administration functions available in the script. You may also want to have a site in a language besides English and this script allows you to do that making your site accessible to users all over the world.

Payment System

The script has a built in linkage to Paypal allowing your customers easy access to the most convenient payment system on the planet. You can specify which kinds of ads are billable and for how much to customize the classified site to your liking.

Marketing and Google

The Craigslist clone script will ensure that Google and other search engines index the ads on your site as quickly as possible. The script has been developed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind so that ad pages show up in Googles results with appropriate page titles making it likely that your sites pages will be found even if users have never visited the site before.

Happy Customers - No registration required

One way to drive away customers is to force them to go through a long registration process before they can take an action on your site. This script solves that problem by allowing clients to post with no registration at all. This feature alone can make the difference in having a highly successful classified ads site. Craigslist pionered this idea but unfortunately many software packages have not yet implemented it and loose thousands of customers as a result.


Collect Money For

  • Featured ads
  • Extended ad duration
  • Posting in certain categories as defined by the administrator

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When you purchase this script, you will receive a download link with a zip file with the complete source code. It is written in PHP and is unencrypted so you will be able to modify it to suit your needs. The code you download will be the exact same code that I use to run the demos.

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