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Digg Clone

Digg Clone



This Digg clone script will allow you to create a business like Digg that has become hugely popular by allowing users to recommend and vote on content. Social networks have captured about 20% of the planet and this script is in the center of that market by providing visitors with a place to share their views, articles, movies, pictures and more. This script will allow you to get a robust, fully featured site up and running in no time. The administration panel makes management of the site very easy while providing all the options you need to manage and customize the site to your tastes.Here are a few of the features of the site: OpenID: Users can sign-in using their universal OpenID and avoid first time registration.Home Page: the home page is fully customizable with an array of handy widgets that allow you to arrange and re-arrange front page content any way you want.Links: Links are the heart of this application. Users share links and they can fully manage and categorize their links to their liking. Not only can they manage their own links, they can mark the links of other users or copy links to their own accounts. Users can comment on links and search for text in comments .Profiles: Users may create and personalize their own profiles with pictures and fully manage the content of their own accounts.Social Networking: The appeal of the Digg process is that users interact by being able to comment on each other‰۪s links, share links with each other and keep their own bookmarks, or copies of links that they like. Users may develop friend lists similar to Facebook and there are various utilities for inviting friends including the ability to import contacts from popular email programs like MSN, Google and Yahoo. Marks on links can be displayed to let the community know who is ‰ÛÏvoting‰۝ for a particular link/bookmark.Subscriptions: Users who want to ‰ÛÏfollow‰۝ other users may subscribe to those users‰۪ links. But the function is limited only to following other users. Subscriptions may also be attached to tags and categories as well so that a User sees everything that is posted in those tags and categories.Images: Just like Facebook, users can share their photos with whoever they want. Photos may be shared or simply kept in private galleries for access on the web.Statistics: The Digg clone keeps track of a wide variety of statistical information. Site activity is tracked including counts of users, visits, bookmarks, comments, etc.Import / Export: Users have the ability to bring in and send out their lists of bookmarks from other sites like dig and as well as being able to export to their favorite internet browsers.Messaging / Mail: What good would a social site be without messaging. The script comes with an internal messaging system allowing users to communicate freely via email and messaging.Search Engine Features: A toolbar is included as a search aid. Bookmarklet tools can assist users in pulling content from other sites and to search and navigate in different ways.Widget Integration: Users may export scripts for widgets to their other sites to help mark external content.RSS: The script has functions to create RSS feeds from page content.Integration with Digg: The Digg clone has been designed to be able to integrate with the Digg site itself. Users who are active in both places or who are migrating may want to connect to their Digg account and import stories and links from their account or friend‰۪s accounts. The script makes this connection easy to perform.Posts via eMail: Users sometimes find the use of email more convenient that logging into a website for posting. The Digg clone can accept links via emails sent to profile pages without the need for user logins. The emails need to follow a special format.Automated Featured Users: The system will automatically evaluate user activity and identify certain users as ‰ÛÏfeatured‰۝. Although the function is automated, the results can be managed manually via the admin panel if additions or deletions to featured user lists are necessary.User activity: A Bookmark spy feature tracks user activity, similar to the function in Facebook, so that other friends and users can see the marking, linking and commenting activities of other users.

When you purchase this script, you will receive a download link with a zip file with the complete source code. It is written in PHP and is unencrypted so you will be able to modify it to suit your needs. The code you download will be the exact same code that I use to run the demos.

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