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E-gold Clone

E-gold Clone

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This clone script mimics the functions of sites like e-Gold and Stormpay to allow users access to a secure payment gateway as an alternative to Paypal. The business model allows the owner to profit as users buy credits that they can use for purchases on other sites, panel makes its. Set your own ammounts of transaction % or charge a registration fee, or both its up to you. The admin panel makes managing transactions automated and easy. To view some admin panel screenshots, click on the thumbnail image at the top for more images and see the screencast video here. åÊ Server recommendations This script works on PHP 5, PHP 5.1 ,PHP 5.2, PHP 5.2.17 and all versions below 5.3MySQL 5 or higherRecommend dedicated server (dualcore 3GHZ, 1GIG of RAM), Cpanel Hosting We recommend a dedicated server from Hostgator. They provide Curl & Pear which is needed for some of our scripts and they provide an ideal platform for our scripts. We have aranged for our customers to receive 25% off Hostgator hosting using coupon code: websiteclonescripts åÊ please see our terms and conditions and compensation disclosure on our legal page.

When you purchase this script, you will receive a download link with a zip file with the complete source code. It is written in PHP and is unencrypted so you will be able to modify it to suit your needs. The code you download will be the exact same code that I use to run the demos.

I guarantee that all of my scripts will work on regular, shared hosting accounts (unless noted on the product page). So if you ever have trouble installing your script, let me know and I'll help figure out why it's not working. If a code change is required, I can usually get the update to you within a few days.

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