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eBay Clone Auction Script

eBay Clone Auction Script

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Winter holiday sale - only $59 for a limited time. Lock in the sale price before prices increase next year!

This script began as the original MyPHP Auction script that is still being sold by my competitors (but they charge lot more money). The difference is that I've updated this script and fixed the bugs that they haven't. On top of that, I provide better customer service than anyone. If you buy my script and can't get it installed, let me know and I'll help you troubleshoot. If you'd rather I do all of the installation work for you, you can add the Script Installation Services to your cart. Or if you want a fully white-glove service, check out my Managed eBay Clone system, where I'll install the script on my own servers and manage all of the server infrastructure for you.

In the end, I'm selling this script at the lowest price available, with the best quality, and will provide the best experience.

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There are other scripts available that will give you auction functionality, but none with the functionality and number of installs like our eBay Clone Auction Script. With this script, your business can be in full swing on day one with no worries about user support, software errors, or difficult administration and navigation.



This script started as the latest version of the versatile MyPHPAuction software package and I improved it from there. I ironed out any bugs reported in the 2010 version and made improvements to the admin panel to provide you with the best auction script software ever!

Now comes with theme/skin color options, more payment processors and an updated admin panel making this the best ebay auction software ever!

Full of functions and features, rock solid performance, easy to install and operate, there is no better professional, eBay style auction software available on the net today. With this eBay clone you can kick-start your web auction business with a site that is familiar to your users and can be up in running in no time.

With everything ready out of the box you can spend your time and money managing your business instead of worrying about the technical details of auction software. We have taken care of that for you. The site can be fully managed with a user friendly administration panel.

Although the software comes with hundreds of features, you can start at your own pace and utilize every component or just start with the basics to conduct auctions and collect fees. Take a look at the full feature list below and be sure to take a look at the demo that shows the exact software that will be running on your website.


This eBay style software mimics the auction functionality of the original site with the same important functions and features.
  • The user interface looks and feels like Ebay to the extent that users will probably know how to use everything even if it is their first visit.
  • Administration Panel Functions:
    • Category setup
    • Fees administration
    • User management
    • Web site pages setup for things like privacy policy, company information, contacts
    • Auction management
    • Accounting setup
    • Settings for the full list of functions provided by the software
  • Payment options (PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.)
  • Stores for sellers
  • Accounting and tax functions
  • Voucher management
  • Custom auction fields
  • Ability to add media including photos and videos
  • Robust fee collection system
  • Listing designers for auctions
  • Differentiate between "power sellers" and others
  • Bulk listings for sellers
  • "Power seller" discounts
  • Secure Socket Layer for financial transaction security
  • eBAy style or "pay as you go" accounting methods
Admin Panel:
  • General
    • Time/Date
    • Auction popularity
    • Featured items on Home Page
    • Delete auctions
    • Image and Media settings
    • Featured item category pages
    • New User management
    • SSL setup
    • Site invoice settings
    • Buyout method selection
    • Wanted ads
    • Currency definitions
    • Cron jobs (automated background tasks)
    • Auto-relisting settings
    • User age settings
    • Navigation settings including button positioning
    • Meta tag definition
    • Ending soon auctions
    • Upload settings for Media
    • New auction listing settings
  • Turn on / Turn off settings
    • Second chance purchasing
    • Shipping costs
    • User skin customization
    • Home page login box
    • Mode for "store only"
    • Buy it now / Make offer
    • Wanted ads
    • Private Site
    • Category listings (additional)
    • Auction approval
    • Auction Length change
    • Bulk listing
    • Item swapping ability
    • Selling terms and conditions
    • Seller verification
    • Profile pages
    • Bid retraction
    • Blind copy emails to site Admin
    • Home Page News Box
    • Home page Users and Auctions Counter
    • Languages - user defined
    • Auction sniping
    • Registration terms and conditions box
    • Preferred sellers
    • Category Counters
    • Feature to ask seller a question
    • Seller "Other Items" on Auction pages
    • User Phone number settings
    • "Store Only" mode
    • Friendly Links for Search Engines (mod rewrite)
    • Fees
      • Currency
      • Fees
      • Payment methods
      • Miscellaneous
    • Custom Fields Setup
    • Box Type Setup
    • User Management
      • User Blocks
      • User Bans
      • User Admin
      • User registration custom fields
      • Abuse report review
      • Newsletter creation
      • Site User login
      • Reputation management
      • New user activation emails
      • Custom field setup for reputation settings (sale and purchase)
  • Auction Management
    • Manage open auctions
    • Manage closed auctions
    • Manage unstarted auctions
    • Manage suspended auctions
    • Manage sold items
    • Manage approvals of auctions
    • Manage custom fields
    • Manage wanted ads
    • Manage custom wanted ads fields
    • Manage user messages
    • Remove old images
  • Table Updates
    • Bid increments
    • Payment options
    • Countries
    • Shipping options
    • Auction durations
  • Stores Updates
    • Enable stores
    • Stores management
    • Store subscriptions
  • Categories
    • Add / Delete / Update
    • Language file updates
    • Suggested categories
  • Web Site Content
    • Members Announcements
    • System Emails
    • Contact Us
    • About Us
    • Vouchers Management
    • Site Banners
    • Terms and Conditions
    • FAQ
    • Help
    • Custom Pages
    • News
    • Privacy Policy
    • Language File updates
  • Tax Management
    • Turn on / Turn off
    • Settings
  • System Tools
    • Currency Converter
    • Block free email accounts on user registration
    • Word blocker


Administration Panel Screen Shot:


These items are available to enhance the eBay auction clone script. They need the eBay auction clone script to work, but are easy to add to your server. If you have any questions about installation, feel free to ask!

Script Installation


We will do 100% of the setup work needed to get your script working on your server.

eBay Clone THEME (Dark)


A Dark theme/skin for the eBay style auction script. This theme has black title bars and features orange tabs when hovered over.

eBay Clone THEME (Magenta)


A Magenta theme/skin for our eBay Clone Auction script. This theme features a magenta skin with title bar text headings and color coordinated welcome image which can be edited manually or removed.

eBay Clone THEME (Plum)


A plum theme/skin for the eBay style auction script. This theme features a green and plum color skin with title bar text headings and color coordinated welcome image which can be edited manually or removed.

eBay Clone THEME (Sharp Blue)


A dark blue theme/skin for the eBay style auction script. This theme features two tone blue nav bars and large home page image that can be edited manually or removed.

eBay Clone THEME (Silver)


A silver theme/skin for the eBay style auction script. This theme features a gray and silver color skin with title bar text headings and color coordinated welcome image which can be edited manually or removed.

Spanish Translation
Spanish Language Pack for Ebay Clone


Full Front End website translated into Spanish language - easy to install.


Server recommendations

This script works on any shared Linux server. Some hosts are configured differently from others, but if someone runs into trouble installing it, I update the script. It has been over a year since I've found a host that didn't work out of the box. 

But if you have any trouble getting it going on your server, let me know and I'll help you troubleshoot and tell you what lines of code need to be changed to get it to work on your Linux server.

The one hard requirement is that your server needs to run PHP 5.6 or 7.0 (which they all do).


Complete directions will be included with the script, but here is a quick rundown of what is involved.

  1. Download the zip file from our site and unzip it
  2. Upload all files to the proper directory on your server
  3. Create a database (remember your database name, username, and password)
  4. Modify the config files to point to your database
  5. Visit the /install page in a web browser to import the data in to the database
  6. Delete the /install directory on your server
  7. Visit the /admin page and start configuring your site so it works the way you'd like


Are any of your scripts encrypted with Ioncube or similar programs?

No! All of my scripts are 100% plain text. If you can edit PHP, you can edit these scripts to suit your needs.


How many domains can run your script?

When you buy the script, it is good for one domain. If you will run it on multiple domains, we ask that you purchase the Developer's License.


Am I required to keep any links or mentions of CloneScriptSoft in the script?

Absolutely not. When you buy the script, it is 100% yours to modify as required.


Can I change the duration of an auction after a bid is placed?

This is called the auction sniping feature. Let's say your Sniping Time is set to 30 minutes. If someone places a bid and the auction will expire in 30 minutes (or less), it will add another 30 minutes to the expiration time.


Have additional questions?

Check out the Advanced FAQ to see some of the advanced ways to configure your auction clone.

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When you purchase this script, you will receive a download link with a zip file with the complete source code. It is written in PHP and is unencrypted so you will be able to modify it to suit your needs. The code you download will be the exact same code that I use to run the demos.

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